NBA All-Star Zach Randolph’s sibling was shot and killed on Saturday night outside a bar in Marion, Indiana. Agreeing to ESPN, both Randolph siblings were brought up in Marion, which is  60 miles upper east of Indianapolis. Police assert that an officer reacted to the sound of gunfire at around 5 AM and discovered Roger Randolph seeping out between two autos outside of Hop’s Blues Room bar. Police don’t think the shooting was arbitrary.

Roger Randolph, 35, was no more odd to shootouts, which is the reason police trust that his demise was not an irregular shooting. In 2005, Roger was condemned to three years in jail in the wake of being associated with club shooting close Marion in a town called Anderson. Court records guarantee that Roger was all the while living in Anderson at the season of his passing. Supposedly, that shooting emerged from a contention on the move floor.

In an announcement, Kings’ GM Vlade Divac called Roger’s passing “unfortunate.” The Grizzlies, who Zach Randolph played eight seasons with, tweeted their sympathies also.

Memphis Grizzlies


Our thoughts and prayers are with @MacBo50 and his family. 😢

Roger Randolph also played basketball growing up in Marion, where his brother led the high school team to a championship before heading to Michigan State, and then the NBA. Roger got into trouble at the high school and was kicked off the team.